The thing of it is …

I’ve had this wordpress website for months now & have not done a single thing about it. When I tried to log in today, wordpress did not even recognize me. Bah.

I’ve been having some back-and-forth with an old friend who told me he’s tested positive for covid & has not been vaccinated. He sounded pretty puzzled about the whole thing — like why would I even ask whether or not he’d got the shot. This guy is most certainly over 65 & just seems so cavalier about it all. Meanwhile, I’ve been following but now I’m afraid to look for fear that I’ll see his name.

Since streaming Upstart Crow through my Britbox/Prime account, Shakespeare has become one of my main interests. Reading up on ALL the plays, then watching the old BBC series from the ’80s. Currently caught up in the intrigues of French and English courts during The Life and Death of King John. Yes, the sets are cheap but so what. The language, characters, and players are great (except maybe for the kid playing Arthur, who just looks sort of befuddled as chaos reigns around him).

Oh, and then there’s Ukraine. Eff, effing eff eff eff. I keep being reminded of poor, brave little Belgium in WWI. No matter how much we vilify Putin and cheer on President Zelensky, the war machine trudges on and people die. This is a case that proves thoughts and prayers really do not help. Maybe the sanctions are doing some good, I don’t know. Putin is off his rocker, reassuring us all that “sanctions are not necessary.” Cities are collapsing into dust.

Our next-door neighbors have a big white truck with TWO Trump-in-2020 banners on it which they have parked right in front of our house. The owner likes to rev up his engine for hours every day. VROOM, VROOM, VROOM. That is, when he’s not racing in circles around his house (not kidding) on his ATV.

My sweetheart Ken has always told me that I worry too much, that I worry all the time. Which is true enough. I worry about a lot of stuff I don’t have any control over whatsoever. I can write letters for the candidates I like, I can volunteer for things, but essentially I can’t do much that actually makes a difference. At least that’s how it feels.

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